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Bellingham Bell Company

Welcome to the Bellingham Bell Company, a bell foundry where custom investment cast bronze bells is our specialty. Utilizing the ancient method of lost wax investment casting, the same method used by jewelers to capture exquisite detail in fine jewelry, our bronze bells are as unique as the vessels they adorn. Commonly used as ship bells on sailing or motor vessels, our bronze bells are a specialized blend of Naval Bronze, specifically engineered by Bellingham Bell to produce a bell of superior tonal quality, shape and overall appearance.

Bell Applications

Bellingham’s investment cast bells not only make fantastic ship bells, but a variety of other applications and uses have been found for Bellingham Bells, such as Wedding or Anniversary bells, Estate and Garden bells, Commemorative and Military bells, Specialty bells and more!

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Optional upgrades for our bronze bells include a variety of plating options such as our superior Chrome plating, 24K Yellow or Rose Gold plating for durability and easy maintenance. Bellingham Bell Company is also the only bell maker to not only offer bronze bells, but also 100% stainless steel bells cast in the same lost-wax process.

The lost-wax method for investment casting has capabilities far beyond the bell industry. Meet New England Castings, parent company of Bellingham Bell Co. and Atlantic Metal Polishing. New England Castings operates from our foundry in Standish, ME, and provides service to a wide variety of industries such as industrial, marine, medical, gas turbine, art, and more. Services include prototyping and investment casting for parts of all sizes. Check out New England Castings for more information on how you can cast your ideas with us today.

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