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Company History

The Bellingham Bell Company was founded in 1981 by Pat Meagher. Creating the finest bronze ships bell became the company mission. The result was a bell of unique and remarkable tonal quality, shape and finish that was to become the Bellingham Bell.

Today, Bellingham Bell is the leader for quality hand crafted ships bells, and maintains a strong presence in the Marine Industry. With the incorporation of new technologies to ensure that our bells are the very best, we have expanded our product line to new target markets such as Weddings, Estates, and Military, applying the classic look of a ships bell to new areas. Utilizing the ancient method of “lost-wax” investment casting, each new bell, quite literally, breaks the mold.

The Bellingham Bell Company is a proud member of the Made in Maine community. Our foundry and sales offices are located in Standish, Maine.

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